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Engineering leading edge drag racing engine cylinder head technology, rotating assemblies and induction system kits for drag racing engines. We also provide professional custom engine machining services, such as: CNC Block Machining, Honing, Balancing, Milling, and Lathing; and, we offer complete engine building services and Dyno Testing set up per your requirements and specifications.

Mike Blackstone brings years of drag racing engine building experience to Watson Racing & Engineering and the Ben Watson Pro Stock drag racing team. That experience, along with our ongoing research and development, quality control, and pride in expert workmanship, guarantee reliable and repeatable maximum air/fuel flow and horsepower. Whether you are looking for "big numbers in flow," or for a street head that accelerates fast, we have the cylinder heads for you and we can build the engines you need.

Watson Racing & Engineering can supply your Rotating Assemblies, Custom Pistons, Full Port Heads, Induction Systems & Internal Parts for: Pro Stock, Pro Street, Comp Eliminator, Superstock and Drag Marine. We have new and used complete engines in stock. NOS engines are our specialty, and we produce racing engines from 265 cubic inches to 740 cubic inches in size.

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